Intelligent Print and Mail Marketing

Direct mail can be effectively put to use for localized marketing of your Cannabusiness.


Mail is one the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients. Direct Mail allows you communicate one-on-one with your target market and helps you control who receives your message


  • 84% of Millennials take the time to look through    their mail and 64% would rather scan for useful info  in the mail than email.


  • 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable and 57% have made purchases based on direct mail offers.


  •  Direct mail has a higher cost than some digital channels, but it also has a higher response rate —

  • up to 5.3%, versus an anemic high of 0.9% for digital!

Variable data printing refers to a special form of

digital printing where document content is determined by entries in a record or data set and can be highly personalized. 

Variable data is commonly used for sales letters, direct mail,QR codes, name tags, labels, and so much more.


Varied text, graphics, and images are typical content elements, but layout, element positioning, and even document choice are just some of the other variables.

Put more simply, variable data takes chunks of text out

of your direct mailers and swaps them with other text-based on datavalues from different market segments.

Dynamic Printing does more than swap out names, images or chunks of text based on basic bits of information. It combines geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to mold your

mailers for their most perfect audience.

Dynamic content simply has more capabilities than variable data and can help you achieve better targeting, with deeper personalization than ever before.